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Paper on Non-Equilibrium Voc Finally Published

Great news! After several rounds of review, which included a change of the title, our study on the effect of slow carrier relaxation on the open-circuit voltage of organic solar cells (see previous entry) has now finally been published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. In the article we argue that the open-circuit voltage […]

Kinetic Monte Carlo Model Describes Organic Solar Cell Current–Voltage Curve

Kinetic Monte Carlo (KMC) simulations are a powerful tool to describe microscopic processes in disordered materials such as charge carrier transport and recombination. However, describing the macroscopic performance of complete devices such as organic solar cells has proven exteremely challenging. In our latest paper published in Solar RRL, we introduce a KMC model that is […]

Watching Space Charge Build Up in an Organic Solar Cell

Space charge effects in the active layer usually lead to a degraded device performance of organic solar cells. In principle, there are two possible reasons for the build-up of space charge: unintentional doping and imbalanced charge transport. Although these are fundamentally different phenomena, they lead to the very same degradation of the device current-voltage curve, […]

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